Training vs. Simulation : Authenticity vs Realism

War Nerds has done it again. This discussion helps to both explain and define several terms that are often misconstrued and thrown about  in and around the milsim world. I admit, I’ve misunderstood some of these terms myself and this article helped clear things up for me. It’s definitely worth a read.

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What is Milsim?

“I never intended to put on a game, my purpose was to provide an experience to the participants. That drove everything.”

A good friend of mine who has been organizing milsim events for years told me this once and it really hit home. To me, this is what milsim is. Milsim is played with many platforms, and it manifests in many ways but boiled down, the focus of milsim is to undergo a specific type of experience not found in other hobbies or sports.

Personally, this creates a stiff internal competition.  I enjoy a good challenge and those presented in the milsim environment drive me to improve not just in game specific skills but to become a more capable human overall. In game, this displays as an intense focus on the mission and my personal performance.

So why do I even bring this up? My reason is twofold:

First; I felt it was important for a blog called “The Milsim Perspective” to have some sort of statement on what we consider milsim to be.

Second; it is because I continually hear players and promoters ask how they can improve their games, attract more players to milsim and grow their business. I feel that this is the solution – stop producing games and provide experiences. Breed a culture of introspection and personal development and you’ll see not only the desired outcomes but a steep decline in the cheating, bickering, griping, rule lawyering and gaming that are becoming synonymous with the very mention of various “milsim” promoters.


Operation Eastwind 8 AAR Part 6

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Map to help you follow along

0676 - DyWRzBRUnfortunately, while we set out on our company wide freedom assault – US first squad was getting hammered just a few hundred meters west of our objective on HWY 27. This just so happens to be the same location that we had been ambushed two nights before and was very close to where we had made visual contact on the first day. Because of all this, it was decided we would push into that area and show the Communists what we look like when they don’t catch us with our pants down.

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Operation Eastwind 8 AAR Part 5

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Map to help you follow along

At step off time, our column of M151s, M880 pick up trucks and an M35 deuce and a half rumbled out of the base. We dropped people off to open the gates leading to the AO who were then picked up by the trail vehicle in the column. The rest of the column stopped at grid 708, 509 while our squad pushed down into the ravine to the south and parked our mutts in some thick trees. We then patrolled southeast to 7045 5091 on foot, clearing the way for the rest of the company. We set security while everyone else drove up and dismounted.

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Operation Eastwind 8 AAR Part 4

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Map to help you follow along

0517 - uTJ2CRiThe company assault on the poor little ambulance started as all others do – with a Warning Order, or WARNO. The company gathered in the Tactical Operation Center (TOC) to receive a heads up that we would be going out, the basic flow of the mission, which squads would have which  tasks, and when the full Operation Order (OPORD) would be issued.

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