About TMP

Take Your Milsim to the Next Level

The above statement is far from a simple tag line that we toss below our company name. This is our mission statement. TMP exists to help you climb to the next level in your milsim experience. This derives from our own desire to continually perfect our craft. We believe that good leaders empower others. As such, we have created TMP to chronicle our path up the ladder of excellence and to enable others to find it more easily.

We accomplish this in several ways. First, we provide numerous online articles and external resources free of charge. These are designed to inform and expose. Second, we hold training events. No amount of head knowledge can give you the experience and familiarity you need in a milsim environment to be truly effective. Finally, we offer equipment consultations. We are not your typical retail store, we focus on helping you find the equipment that will give you success in your mission regardless of whether we sell it to you or not.

Our desired end state is that others will be able to use TMP as a springboard to further their own goals of milsim expertise.

About the Owner:

My name is Stephen Heins andP1050545 I have been a milsim player since the year 2000. I spent my early milsim years playing paintball and switched to airsoft in 2004. It has always been my goal to embody what milsim is – military simulation. I enjoy milsim because it is a team based experience and it provides a physical and mental challenge to which there is no end, only constant room for improvement.

Besides milsim, I am simply a general fan of the outdoors. I greatly enjoy camping, backpacking, caving and off-roading with my friends and family.